Meet Our Doctor

Dr. J. Greg Whitaker


As a young boy in Columbus, Georgia I had orthodontics provided by Dr. Lane, a seemingly carefree man who literally whistled while he worked. It became my dream to be an orthodontist, retire at age 45, and retire to a horse ranch. While I did become a dentist who does orthodontics, the other aspirations somehow did not transpire, and it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t pursue anything involving horses due to the fact that I have generally had bad experiences with them!

I graduated from Columbus College in 1981 with a degree in biology, and started dental school at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta the following August. I received an outstanding education while there, but the real prize was meeting my wife and future dental partner. She was a year ahead of me in dental school, and we married between my second and third year. Upon my graduation, we purchased Dr. Earl Beatty’s dental practice in Fort Valley, and within a year had our first born child, John. Jeff and Kevin followed over the next four years.

Linda and I practiced together in the old location for about seven years when we decided to convert the present farm house into a dental office. The house was a great fit for us, providing a very warm and personal atmosphere which was in keeping with our practice philosophy. We grew quickly as a result of the move, and have had to add associate dentists along the way. Linda retired from dentistry in 2005.

In 2014 we added John to the associate list, and in 2016 Kevin also joined. As dental practice owners for 34 years, Linda and I sold our practice to John and Kevin, and I now practice as an associate in the practice.

Linda and I are blessed to have all three of our sons and their families living within 10 miles of our home, so we spend our time chasing grandchildren all over our property. I enjoy wood milling, cabinetry, carpentry and doing various other wood projects. Linda and I are charter members of Harmony Community Church.


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