Everything You Should Know about Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

Everything You Should Know about Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

Jun 01, 2021

Tooth loss is still a big concern in dentistry today, despite innovations and technology bombarding the dental world. People lose their teeth differently, with many having dental decay and traumatic injuries to blame. Thankfully, there are dental solutions like dentures, that can help remedy such problems as these.

Denture use in dentistry is becoming more and more popular by the day. Versatility in how they can be used has proven as an appealing concept for many patients. Instead of using multiple bridges to replace all your missing teeth, patients now prefer using dentures. They are effective for when you have multiple missing teeth in a row, including when you are toothless.

What Are Dentures?

They are a set of artificial teeth created to help replace the lost teeth of patients. They feature several artificial replacement teeth and a gum-like base that holds the teeth in place. When placed in your mouth, they easily resemble natural teeth. You can either have full dentures for all your teeth or partial dentures for the specific teeth you are missing.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

The types of dentures that require dental implants to be installed. Ideally, a dentist will have to install implants in your mouth before he or she can place dentures. Usually, between 1 to 10 dental implants can be placed in your mouth before dentures are finally placed. It depends on the number of teeth you have missing, and the kind of dentures that you want to have.

When dentures are supported by dental implants, they can be fixed permanently or be removable. For them to be removable, it means that the dentist must custom make the dentures so that they snap in and off with ease. Whether or not they are removable, implant-supported dentures are more comfortable and secure than conventional dentures that do not rely on oral implants. Even for the removable implant-supported dentures, you do not have to remove them every day as is the case with conventional dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures?

Compared to traditional dentures, when oral implants are used to support dentures, these other appliances work very differently. Some of the incredible benefits of using implants along with dentures include the following:

  1. Extra support – the metal post inserted in your jawbone provides ample support to the dentures. this extra support ensures that they are steady and most stable than is the case with traditional dentures.
  2. Improved hygiene – when you get removable implant-supported dentures, they are not like the permanent ones. You can easily clean them when you clean your mouth and gums. This ensures that the dentures do not get damaged over time and that an infection does not occur in the gum tissue.
  3. Improved comfort – whether you got partial or full implant-supported dentures, you do not need to worry about them slipping on and off. In most cases, in place supported dentures feature dentures that have been customized to fit the mouth of a patient properly. Besides, the reduced friction on the gums reduces the chances of soreness and swelling thereof.
  4. Better mouth functionality – since there is support from implants, these types of dentures cannot limit your mouth from functioning properly. You are less likely to have problems when chewing and speaking, when you have these dentures, as compared to the traditional ones. You may even learn that you can eat hard and sticky foods with few complications, which is not always the case with traditional dentures.
  5. Preserving the jawbone – many people fail to recognize that tooth loss also sabotages they held their jawbone. The bone tissue lacks in strength and health when teeth are removed. This happens through bone degeneration. However, when you get implants and dentures in place, the jawbone is preserved from degeneration.
  6. They are more natural-looking – given that they fit like a glove and do not snap on and off easily, it is clear why patients feel that these dentures are more natural-looking than their counterparts.
  7. Cosmetic effect – by restoring the roots and crowns of your teeth, you will have a beautiful smile thanks to implant-supported dentures. Further, when the bone tissue of your mouth is not degenerating, it enhances your facial appearance by better supporting the facial muscles.
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