How Long Do You Wear Retainers?

How Long Do You Wear Retainers?

Apr 01, 2022

A bright and dazzling smile is something everyone wants. Crooked and misaligned teeth can be a hindrance to a bright smile. Food items and debris can get stuck in the crooked teeth. Even plaque and tartar can get accumulated in rough places. Braces are the best way to correct misaligned teeth. Teeth have a huge workload. Every time you speak, the teeth help to make the words distinct. One cannot deny the apparent work of biting and chewing the food.

What are Retainers?

Braces help to create even teeth alignment and a beautiful smile. Specific reasons can lead to misaligned teeth. A retainer is a custom-made orthodontic appliance that is worn after the teeth are aligned or straightened with braces. Generally made from plastic, retainers are prepared to match the size of your mouth and fit on the top of your teeth. Wearing retainers are mandatory after undergoing orthodontic treatment.

You can blame your genes for crooked teeth. Retainers are used so that the teeth, once straightened with braces, do not get misaligned again. Orthodontic relapses are common, and you would require extensive treatment to correct the same. You can opt for a retainer near you and experience a flawless smile. The teeth would shift their position once the braces are removed, but you can keep the shifting of teeth in check with retainers.

Types of Retainers

Retainers are used as the last phase of orthodontic treatment and are administered by dentists after removing the braces. The different types of retainers are:

Permanent Retainers

Also known as fixed lingual retainers, the permanent retainer is bonded to the back of the teeth with a wire. The dentist recommends these retainers for those with too crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or huge dental gaps before the orthodontic treatment. The most significant advantage of a permanent retainer is that it is cemented to the teeth, and you do not need to take it out. The disadvantage is that permanent retainers are difficult to clean and can lead to plaque build-up in not appropriately cleaned.

Removable Retainers

Removable retainers are one of the most common retainers and are made from bendable wires, acrylic material, or plastics. The wires are placed across the front portion of the teeth, and the acrylic or plastic portion can be customized to fit within the mouth. With removable retainers, you have the liberty of choosing from a variety of styles and colors. Removable retainers are also known as Hawley wire retainers and are easily adjustable. This feature gives the orthodontist the liberty of tweaking them for best results. The removable retainers are more comfortable and can last a long time with proper care.

Clear Plastic Retainers

Made from molded clear plastic, these retainers resemble the Invisalign and are designed to perfectly fit the newly positioned teeth. The plastic retainers are virtually invisible and are most preferred due to their aesthetic value. They are less bulky and do not affect your speech.

How Long Do You Need to Wear Retainers?

The period that you need to wear the retainers can vary from person to person. A dentist in Fort Valley can tell you how long you need to wear the retainers. The purpose of using retainers is to ensure that the teeth do not shift back to their original position after the braces are removed. Retainers should be worn until the jawbones and the gums have ample time to stabilize around the newly-aligned teeth.

Some orthodontists suggest wearing retainers until an early age or till the mid-20s so that all the permanent teeth come up and the jaws stop developing to give a concrete shape. Retainers need to be worn for around 22 hours in the first 3 to 6 months of removing the braces.

After the first 2 years of removal of braces, you can wear the retainers during sleeping. From the third year onward, you can relax and might skip wearing the retainers a night or two, but it is recommended to wear them at night.

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