Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays in Fort Valley

If you’ve ever wondered how your dentist knows about every problem in your mouth, then you shouldn’t be surprised to know that this is due to x-rays. X-rays allow dental professionals at Whitaker Family Dentistry to provide you with treatments that correct oral health issues and improve the stability and strength of teeth and tissues in the mouth. X-rays have become more advanced, leading to the use of digital technology to perform x-rays.

Advanced Technology

Traditional x-ray machines do not allow your dentist to see the whole of your mouth. Instead, your dental professional is only able to see portions of your mouth – which means several pictures need to be taken before getting the full picture of what is going on with your oral health. With the advanced technology available in our office, we use digital x-rays to get an entirely accurate and detailed picture of your teeth, gum tissues, and the tissues in your mouth.

Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

Traditional x-rays expose the body to high levels of radiation, which is why protective covering must be used. However, digital x-rays expose patients to much less radiation, making them a very safe alternative to traditional x-ray machines. This is great for children as well as adults and individuals that are concerned about their overall health.

How Often Will I Need an X-Ray?

Your dentist will need to get x-rays on your first visit to the office as well as at biannual visits to assess your oral health. There are no guidelines in place on how many times x-rays must be performed on patients – it depends on your individual need as well as what your dentist recommends as per your treatment plan. Since digital x-rays are faster than traditional ones, you’ll be in and out much faster with much less discomfort.

With advanced dental technology, digital x-rays have become more popular in dental offices across the United States. If you have any oral health issues, including decay, your dentist can pinpoint the root cause of problems and recommend treatment. Schedule an appointment at Whitaker Family Dentistry to speak with a dental professional about your oral health and to schedule an appointment.

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