Tooth Extractions in Fort Valley

A dental extraction is a common procedure performed at Whitaker Family Dentistry. The process involves lifting and removing the affected tooth from the socket. The entire tooth structure is removed, both the root and the crown. A fully erupted tooth is usually removed with a simple extraction. Special dental tools are used to pull or lift the tooth out of the socket. Surgical removal is needed for a tooth that has not yet erupted. This type of extraction is performed under intravenous anesthesia. For patients with missing teeth, we offer tooth replacement solutions such as a dental bridge or implants.

Tooth Extractions in Fort Valley

At Whitaker Family Dentistry, our priority is always to save your natural teeth. But, there are situations when tooth extraction is the only way to preserve your oral health. Tooth removal may be performed in cases of severe decay, impaction, infection, and if the health of nearby teeth is threatened. In addition, extractions help prepare for orthodontic treatment. Whatever the reason, you can trust Whitaker Family Dentistry for a safe and comfortable experience.

Your dentist in Fort Valley is skilled and experienced in many facets of dentistry. For that reason, you can rest assured you will receive a fast and efficient extraction in Fort Valley. Along with a calming office environment and sedation dentistry options, we also offer conservative methods. As a result, we can protect as much healthy bone and tissue as possible while extracting a tooth. We will keep you comfortable every step of the way.

Care After Tooth Removal

After your extraction, your dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions. If you follow them as noted, you should experience faster healing. We also offer tooth replacement solutions if needed. It is important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. The spaces left by missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to shift out of place. What’s more, bone loss can occur over time. Whitaker Family Dentistry offers high-quality tooth replacement options such as dentures, dental implants, bridges, and more.

If you need a tooth removal in Fort Valley or the surrounding area, we can provide the comfortable experience you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your tooth extraction at Whitaker Family Dentistry.

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