Fluoride Applications

Fluoride Treatment in Fort Valley

Although fluoride treatments are most commonly associated with pediatric dentistry in Fort Valley, adult patients who visit a general dentist like Whitaker Family Dentistry can also benefit from the mineral treatment.

How Fluoride Treatments Help Children and Adults in Fort Valley

Fluoride treatments help in situations where children and adults have gum disease – yes, children can get gum disease — frequent cavities, or grooves in their teeth. Each of these conditions creates an area for bacteria to lodge and grow. But when fluoride is used, it not only prevents decay from forming as a result of the bacterial growth, it also helps to reverse the early signs of tooth decay.

Certain Medications and Health Conditions Can Increase the Need for Fluoride Treatment

Because getting a dry mouth is a very common side effect to many medications that are currently on the market, as well as radiation therapy, the increased risk of bacteria in a person’s mouth becomes an additional side effect. That’s why it’s critically important for patients to adhere to a routine twice a year schedule of dental exams and professional dental cleanings. It will be during these times that your dentist or dental hygienist will be able to assess your oral health to determine whether or not you’d benefit from fluoride treatments.

There’s No Pain Involved – So What Are You Waiting For?

Another great benefit to fluoride treatment is that the process is pain-free! The fluoride material is applied to your teeth during your regularly scheduled appointment or dental cleaning appointment. There’s no pain whatsoever, and the process takes little more than minutes.

Let Whitaker Family Dentistry Provide the Fluoride Treatment You Need in Fort Valley

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