Partials & Dentures

Partials & Dentures in Fort Valley

Do you often hide your smile due to missing teeth? Are you missing one or more teeth in your smile? Wishing there was a way to restore your missing teeth and improve your ability to speak and eat? At Whitaker Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer partials and dentures in Fort Valley for our patients that are missing one or more teeth and are interested in improving the appearance and function of their smile. Are you wondering if dentures are the best option for you and your smile? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Whitaker Family Dentistry. We would be happy to see you.

Partial Dentures Fort Valley

For patients that are missing one, several or most of their teeth in the upper or lower arch, a partial denture can be an excellent option. Partial dentures are designed to blend with the rest of your natural smile, making the treatment virtually unnoticeable. Partials are held in using adjacent healthy teeth and can improve the patient’s ability to speak, bite, chew, and eat properly.

Full Dentures Fort Valley

For patients that are missing all of their teeth in the upper or lower arch, a full denture may be required. Full dentures are designed to look, feel, and function much like a natural smile and are used to replace an entire row of teeth at once. Full dentures can improve the patient’s appearance, giving them a fuller face and more youthful appearance along with also improving their ability to speak and eat properly.

Why Dentures?

When teeth are missing for any reason, the body actually starts to demineralize the bone in that area. As this continues to occur, teeth can become loose, shift, and misalign. Dentures can prevent these issues from occurring by ensuring other teeth stay properly positioned in the mouth.

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Are you interested in replacing your teeth and restoring your smile with dentures? Contact Whitaker Family Dentistry today for a consultation, we are currently accepting new patients, and we would be happy to evaluate your smile and overall oral health to determine the best treatment option for you.

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