Retainers in Fort Valley

Following the use of braces to straighten out crooked teeth, retainers are often used to maintain the tooth alignment generated. If retainers are not utilized, teeth may drift back out of the position that braces brought them into, leaving patients back at square one. Using a retainer has several benefits beyond continuing the tooth straightening process in that it teaches children to pay more attention to their oral hygiene.

What Are Retainers?

Retainers are small mouthpieces that are custom built to fit in a patient’s mouth. They often consist of a small plastic piece molded to fit the roof of the patient’s mouth with a thin frame of metal surrounding it. They typically fit comfortably around a patient’s teeth and are often worn at least overnight, if not during the daytime as well. Your orthodontist can determine what amount of time a retainer is to be worn each day.

When Are Retainers Used?

Retainers are typically used following the use of braces to prevent tooth misalignment, acting as an insurance policy that protects the time and investment one has put into their teeth during the brace-wearing period. In addition to this common use, there are side benefits to retainer use with children. Children and young people who are tasked with wearing a retainer have to develop the responsibility to keep track of this expensive piece of equipment as well as maintain its cleanliness. By learning to take daily care of their dental equipment, children and young people become more invested in the upkeep of their oral hygiene and will carry that attention further in their lives.

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