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Snore Guard in Fort Valley

If snoring has become an issue for you or a loved one, it’s time to visit the dentist. This may not be your first thought, but a professional at Whitaker Family Dentistry can provide you with an oral appliance that keeps snoring to a minimum or eliminates it. Our dental staff can speak with you about your snoring and find the root cause of it, recommending treatment based on your specific problems.

What Is a Snore Guard?

A snore guard is an appliance that can be applied in your dentist’s office. It’s shaped like typical mouth guards and made of thermoplastics and other high-quality materials that have been fused using high pressure. The combination allows the appliance to be stable and inserted easily into the mouth. Snore guards have been around since the 1980s and have reported massive success with patients.

How Does It Work?

It is shaped so that it fits onto the upper arch of the mouth and creates a ramp that extends to your back teeth. The ramp keeps the jaw from receding and prevents the tongue from blocking the airways and causing snoring to occur. The design is meant to allow patients to breathe through their mouth while encouraging them to breathe through the nose.

They put slight pressure on the jawline and may feel uncomfortable at first. However, once you get used to the appliance, it provides immense relief during the night. If you feel as though the appliance is not comfortable after several days or weeks, contact your dentist to speak about alternative methods to eliminate snoring and promote healthy breathing habits.

Visit Your Local Dentist

Your dentist can provide you with a recommendation for oral appliances. If snore guards are not right for you, then we also offer alternative methods to keep you sleeping restfully and prevent snoring from occurring. One of these may be the use of a CPAP machine, but additional methods may be available.

To schedule an appointment with our dentist, and seek care for your oral health issues, give us a call or visit Whitaker Family Dentistry in Fort Valley, GA.

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