The Seven Realities of a Child’s Mouthguard

The Seven Realities of a Child’s Mouthguard

Jul 16, 2020

Is your child regularly involved in contact sports? If so, you will want to make inquiries with general dentistry or a pediatric dentist about getting a mouth guard to protect your child from serious injuries. You may wonder why you must invest in additional protection when your child is merely enjoying himself or herself.

A sports mouthguard fits over the child’s upper teeth as an oral appliance. It protects your child from an accidental knockout of the tooth when knocked to the ground or tackled when playing sports. Continue reading to understand the seven realities of a child’s mouthguard and contact Whitaker Family Dentistry if you have any further questions about how you can protect your child’s teeth.

The Realities about Mouth Guards

1. Mouth Guards reduce risks of Injuries

Your child’s risk of oral injuries increases when playing contact sports like football. It is the reason why dentists often recommend children wear a mouthguard when playing. The mouthguard protects the child’s upper teeth from blows by covering them. A dental emergency must not be allowed to cut your child’s season when dentists can develop a custom-fitted mouthguard that is comfortable and protects the child.

2. Upper Teeth Are Protected by Mouth Guards

Upper teeth are vulnerable to injuries, and a mouthguard protects them adequately. The top teeth are in the foreground of the lower teeth. Still, dentists will recommend a specialized mouthguard if the child is wearing braces.

3. Mouth Guards Don’t Last Forever

Your child’s mouthguard is not a permanent appliance because children are not at their best when caring for them. The devices can lose their shape when they are chewed on or thrust into facemasks. However, even with regular wear and tear, the accessories must be replaced every six months.

4. Mouth Guards Can Save Money

Every family has a budget for everything. However, it would be best if you didn’t underestimate the costs of emergency dental care. One dental emergency is sufficient to let your budget go haywire. A sports mouthguard not only prevents injuries to your child’s mouth but also helps you to avoid the cost of repairing broken teeth. Preventive dentistry is always better than restorative dentistry.

5. Mouth Guards Need to Be Cleaned

Bacteria from the mouth also love to live in the nooks and corners of your child’s mouthguard. You must remind your child to clean the appliance by washing it after being used. Your child must be instructed to scrub the device with a toothbrush under cold water. The mouthguard must be stored in a ventilated container, and dentists can provide an appropriate container for your child.

6. Mouth Guards Can Be Worn with braces

If your child is wearing braces, dentists can create a particular appliance to protect both the upper and lower teeth. Mouthguards that are loose can snag on the braces when impacted to injure soft tissue. Brackets and wires are also damaged with a blow to the face. If you want the best mouthguard for your child, you must contact a pediatric dentist who can create a custom mouthguard that will also accommodate the braces.

7. Stock Mouth Guards Are Not Suitable for Long-Term Use

If your child is playing contact sports for the entire season, you may be encouraged to purchase stock mouth guards from sports goods stores or drugstores. You are recommended to buy a custom mouthguard because they offer better protection than the stock variety. Stock mouth guards are often too tight or too loose to be useful. They are uncomfortable making your child risk injuries rather than wearing them.

Custom mouthguards will undoubtedly cost more than stock mouth guards but will also offer better protection and comfort to make your child realize the value of maintaining their teeth in good condition. Moreover, custom-made appliances will not cut short your child’s season or interrupt it because of dental injuries.

You must also consider the cost of treatments that will be needed by your child if you ignore the realities of a custom-made child’s mouthguard. The treatments will be cost-prohibitive besides being time-consuming to make you realize a small investment into an appliance created by the dentist is more beneficial than using over-the-counter mouth guards.

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