What Are the Four Types of Dentures?

What Are the Four Types of Dentures?

May 01, 2022

Dentures are replacement teeth for the ones you lost or had extracted due to infections or injuries. It is standard to lose permanent teeth among adults for different reasons, prime among them being the lack of proper dental hygiene.

Your teeth are crucial to your body because they help you survive. Teeth are essential not just for food intake but also for speaking and talking. Your appearance becomes impacted when you lose teeth making your appearance an integral part of maintaining good social relationships. When you lose teeth, your jawbone deteriorates, causing your face to sag to make you appear older. Dentures are excellent replacements to help you solve the problems described. They are also a method of replacing your lost teeth.

Initially, there were merely two types of dentures — complete and partial dentures. However, advances in dentistry now make available four varieties giving you a wider choice.

This article focuses on the four types of dentures available to replace missing teeth to help you determine which option suits your needs the best.

Types of Dentures

Traditional Complete Full Dentures

Conventional complete dentures are suitable if you have lost all your teeth because the appliances are designed to replace all teeth. Complete dentures sit on your gums, unlike bridges seeking support from the adjacent teeth to anchor themselves. You can have complete dentures approximately eight to 12 weeks after the extraction of your last tooth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are helpful if you have some natural teeth in your mouth, such as some in the upper jaw and some in the lower jaw. Dentures near me recommend partial dentures when you experience challenges chewing foods to overcome the challenge. A pink-colored base helps make partial dentures with a metal piece attached and held in place by the two pieces. The dentures offer you convenience because they are removable whenever you want. Partial dentures help keep your other natural teeth in place by preventing them from shifting.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are inserted in your jawbone to securely support the denture with implant-supported dentures. The implants provide the significant denture support for a stable foundation and allow the appliance to stay firmly in place. Implant-supported dentures also appear natural and are long-lasting.

Immediate Dentures

The dentist in Fort Valley recommends immediate dentures placed right after all-natural teeth are extracted. However, you must have your mouth evaluated beforehand to ensure you have no cavities and have the dentist take proper measurements to create immediate dentures before tooth extraction.

Immediate dentures ensure you don’t have to leave the dentist’s office with a toothless grin because you get same-day dentures Georgia immediately after tooth removal, making it a convenient option for you.

When searching for dentures, you might come across people recommending you try other options like dental bridges or dental implants to replace missing teeth. However, while bridges and implants are also suitable solutions for your situation, they may not permit you to have them for various reasons.

For example, dental implants require you to have good physical and oral health besides remaining free from any immunosuppressive health conditions that might delay recovery from the dental implant procedure. Dental implants require surgery and plenty of healing time before you can have artificial teeth mounted on them. In addition, implants need you to adhere to your dentist’s guidelines and even quit harmful habits like smoking that hampers dental implant recovery. However, if you are eligible for dental implants and can invest in a permanent solution, dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

Dental bridges seek support from the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap. Bridges need at least two natural teeth adjacent to the edentulous gap where two dental crowns are mounted as abutment teeth, and a bridge fills the space between. Furthermore, bridges can hold a maximum of four teeth in a row, making them ineligible for you if you need an entire arch of teeth.

Kindly do not assume that implant-supported dentures requiring surgery also require you to endure recovery time because they don’t. Instead, dentists insert merely four or six mini implants in your jawbone to support an entire arch of upper or lower teeth.

Dentures are a time-tested and credible restorative solution for missing teeth. If you are ineligible for other options and consider dentures, kindly schedule an appointment with Whitaker Family Dentistry to get dentures best suited for your unique situation.

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