What Should You Do To Get Rid Of Snoring?

What Should You Do To Get Rid Of Snoring?

Aug 25, 2019

Snoring is a common thing that happens when you’re sleeping, right? However, it can be a sign of some potential health issues. If it is not treated, the chances of some serious consequences are possible. There is a way to get rid of snoring. One solution can be provided by someone who might just be the last person you would expect: your dentist. We will talk about what causes snoring and what kind of snoring treatments in Fort Valley that are available to you. Some of the causes may even surprise you quite a bit. However, it’s important to know what they are so you can get the treatment you need for a good night’s sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring can be caused by several factors. Some of them can take you by complete surprise. If you are aware of the fact that you often snore, it may be caused by the following factors:

  • Nasal Issues: You could be dealing with nasal congestion that could be due to a cold or even allergies. If you do not always snore, this could occur in such cases. At that point, it may not be a cause for concern. However, some issues like a deviated septum can cause snoring and will need some time of medical attention to address the issue.
  • Not Enough Sleep: Did you know that a lack of sleep can lead to the relaxation of your throat? If your throat is relaxed, it can cause your airways to be blocked partially and therefore lead to snoring. It will even lead to some issues like waking up with headaches and even disturbed sleep.
  • Drinking Alcohol: Drinking too much before going to bed can cause throat relaxation. This will even cause all your other defenses against partial airway blockage to be inhibited. Couple this with drinking too much, and it may have some dire health consequences that may not relate to snoring at all.
  • Sleeping On Your Back: This sleeping position might be the worst out of so many. The reason is obvious. Because gravity works to pull down the throat muscles and therefore relaxes them, no other sleeping position will make you snore the loudest than on your back.
  • Certain Risk Factors and Medical Conditions: A common medical condition that is associated with snoring is sleep apnea. Your chances of having this are likely if you have a hereditary history of this medical condition. Other risk factors include being overweight. A person who is overweight or even obese will be more than likely to develop sleep apnea at some point in their life. That medical condition alone can lead to even serious consequences if it goes unchecked.

What Is a Snore Guard?

There are some treatments in Fort Valley that will keep snoring to a minimum or even get rid of it altogether. However, there is one in particular that will make a treatment that might come from an unlikely source: your dentist. Whitaker Family Dentistry in Fort Valley, Georgia provides a treatment known as Snore Guard.

Snore Guard is an oral appliance that can easily fit on your upper dental arch. The design will allow you to breathe through your mouth. It can even promote breathing through your nose without any adverse issues or effects. It will also prevent any jaw recession. That’s because the Snore Guard will create a ramp that will cause the tongue to keep both the lower and upper portions of the guard open, so the airways remain open at all times while you sleep.

Snore Guard has been the go-to solution for snoring issues for the past thirty years. Those who have utilized Snore Guard have had a success rate of 95 percent for reduced snoring.

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